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7E-Punch & Chisel Combo Set

MSRP $52.99
*Pricing subject to change
  • Modular foam for 7E-Punch & Chisel Combo Set (15 pc.)
  • Made from high-quality cross linked polyethylene foam
  • Foam resists automotive chemicals and other industrial solvents
  • Request quote with or without tools

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Foam Color - Red

Foam / Foam & Tools - Foam Only i

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*Pricing subject to change

Product Details
Tools in Foam Layout more
Tools in Foam Layout
1.) BH16AV 2.) BD8 3.) SMP5SS 4.) SMP8SS 5.) SMP10SS 6.) CP2SS 7.) CP50 8.) PP10SS 9.) PP8SS 10.) PP6SS 11.) PP4SS 12.) FCC4SS 13.) C10SS 14.) C12SS 15.) C16SS
Foam Insert Details
  • Made from high-density cross-linked polyethylene foam for the ultimate level of professional grade protection
  • CNC routed pockets provide a perfectly contoured fit for each tool in the insert
  • Durable oil and solvent resistant 1/4” laminate top layer
  • Finger holes and grips for easy tool removal
  • Colored base layer with the perfect balance of durability and softness
Foam Dimensions (L x W x D): 7.00" x 19.25" x 1.25"
Min. Drawer Height REQD (w/ tools): 1.625"
Laminate Thickness: 0.25"
Base (Color) Thickness: 1.00"
Total Thickness: 1.25"
Laminate Density: 2.8 lb/cf
Base (Color) Density: 2.0 lb/cf
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